First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill
Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Date: Saturday, May 20, 2017
Time: 8:30 AM -




Youth Group Rake & Run
Saturday, May 20 - 8:30am-1pm

Each month teens from this church perform some sort of mini-mission project in the local area called SOS Projects, short for Serving Others Selflessly. Our project for the month of March is the annual Rake & Run.

Here's how it work: A small group (5-8 members) of teens and adults arrive at your home, perform some sort of light manual labor like raking, then run to another home to do more work for other folks. We do as much as we can, at as many homes that we can, within a 4-hour time frame (not including travel time). Church members who wish this kind of service must complete a request form or call in a request to the Youth Ministry Office (352-683-2600, Ext. 2014 or 2015) no later than Tuesday, May 9th. All services are provided FREE of charge, but a glass of water (and a cookie or two!) for the workers would be appreciated.

If you need some help with a relatively small, non-technical project around your home, please call it in to the Youth Ministry Office (352-683-2600, Ext. 2014 or 2015) at the church. For example, we can weed, we can mow, but we cannot do a complete overhaul of your landscaping needs! We respectfully request that only members and regular attendees of this church request help. While we wish that we could do this every weekend for our church members and friends, please understand that Rake & Run only takes place once a year and we want to help a lot of folks that day. You may, however, hire a teenager to come back at a later date and work for you independently of this event (ask us for names and numbers of teens who do this).

After you register and as Rake & Run approaches, you will be contacted and provided an approximate time as to when we plan to arrive at your home that Friday (or Saturday) morning. We will only perform the tasks that you have specified on the form and that has been agreed on by the Youth Minister before we arrive that morning. Home owners must be present the morning of the service or the service will not be provided. In the event of poor weather that day, this event will be postponed to another date to be determined in the near future.

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