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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Pastor's Sermon Enhancer PLUS


The Pastor's Sermon Enhancer PLUS

July 21, 2017


Good morning church!


Hope you're having a God-filled week.


Kids say the Darnedest Things:  Ms. Pat sent me some of the responses she's been getting from the children.

     *4  year old  boy wanted to say the prayer at lunch, got to the mic and said he didn’t know the words, so teacher whispered the words And he said them, when they got to the daily bread he said “I know that one” teacher whispered for him to go on and he said “Can you remind me? 

We can all relate, think we've got it, we try to explain it and it slips away...


   *What would you have told Joseph’s brothers when they came to him for food?

             I’d give him $10 and tell them to get out of here.

             I’d give them food and money if they promised not to be mean to me again.

             I’d give them food and money because the Bible says to forgive.

The first one very honest...  The other two are working hard to incorporate what they're learning.  Awesome!


   *When Moses Mother put him in the river – what would you have done?

              Take the baby and leave.

               Wrap the baby in a blanket and hide.

              Give the baby a bottle so he won’t cry.

              Would have done the same thing to save him.

We can all identify with each of these genuine thoughts.  Each of them are loving and compassionate responses for a precious child.


    *When we finished the Old Testament stories, a 5th Grade Boy said you know there was always one good person in every story and other people who just would not listen to God.

Deeply profound and relative to society of every generation. There's always a few who really get it, the rest have no interest in listening to Jesus...This is why it's so important we teach our children and our children's children, so they'll grow up with soft hearts and do their best to live for God.  


Way to go Ms. Pat and team, you're making an impact and doing great things for the Kingdom of God, changing lives one life at a time!


Renovations continue:  Thanks again to monies bequeathed, we've been able to sandblast and repaint the rusting poles of The Light House.


Bad news/good news:  Some of you may remember the skits with Roy Clark and Buck Owens.  One of them would spin a yarn, the other reply, 'That's bad".  The other, "No, that's good...", and would begin to explain how each thought is different than expected.  Well, we have bad news, good news, bad news, good news. Due to the recent thunderstorms our persistent little leaks in the sanctuary have turned into major problems.  When the building was built it had a new roof, that's good.  No, that's bad, it leaked.  Leadership got the contractor to put on a new roof, that's good.  No, that's bad, still leaked.  We got a new contractor to patch it, that's good.  No, patches are temporary, that's bad.  Due to wise leadership we have most of the money to replace it, that's good.  No, that's bad, it will wipe out all of our savings.  We'd been setting monies aside knowing we'd need to replace outdated air conditioners as they faltered.  The roof problems have moved it's replacement up in our anticipated schedule and will cost around $90,000 to replace.


Because we have most of the money set aside we're reluctant to approach the congregation with a campaign, that's good.  And yet, if we don't do anything we won't have funds available for new maintenance needs as they arise, that's bad.  Our operating income is down, that's bad.


Our operating expenses are down more, that's good.  As it is we'll still have to take about $15,000 out of operational funding to complete the project. Tithing still needs to go toward ongoing operational needs.  It's not a help if people simply redirect their funds from one account to the other.  We're asking everyone to simply pray for the provision.  If God leads some to give above and beyond gifts toward the "roof fund" would be a tremendous blessing.  Anything we receive will be used directly to pay for the cost of the new roof. If you would like to make out a check with your donation please mark "roof fund" in the memo field. 


Thank you for being prayerful and faithful stewards.


Sermon Enhancer:  We wrap up our, "Think Bigger" series.  Many of us have to confess we've been angry with God for not running things the way we would like Him to.  And yet, often our anger/frustration/concerns are simply a matter of not understanding God but some misconceived notions of God.  "Think Bigger" invites us to move beyond these misconceptions and grow in knowledge and love with the true God.  Our final week deals with what seems to be a "heartless God".  Knowing He has full power to change, protect, prevent, why do bad things still happen?  How do we handle our feelings about God while we're in the midst of a trial?  Where is God when it hurts?  We'll try to answer these and reverse the misconception of God as heartless, and firmly ingrain a God who loves us through difficult circumstances and how He even uses them to make us stronger?  Please read 1 Peter 1:3-9 and be ready to worship the true nature of God.


Please also pray for new people to come.  Many people are hurting and avoid church.  Many simply have misconceptions about God.  This weekend might just be the thing that turns their pain around from frustration to faith!  If God brings someone to mind give them a call and see if they will join you for worship this week.


God's blessings upon you all and thanks for being a part of our church family.



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