First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill
Sunday, April 30, 2017

New Testament Bible Study

The New Testament Tree
A Nine-week Study
What is It? 

Have you ever wondered why there are 27 books in the New Testament and
what's in each one? Would you like to understand how they all fit together?
Then this is the study for you. The New Testament Tree study (NTTS) for the
FUMCSH is prepared by and will be presented by the “GROW CORNERSTONE”
Ministry Team.  This is a quick overview of the 27 New Testament books.


What is its Purpose?
To give everyone a clear understanding of all 27 NT books
through background history, the writer, their relationship to each other,
approximate time of writing, key reason why God chose each book to be part
of the Bible, a series of questions to be studied and answered, preparation
for entering into other small group Bible studies, and thoughts on how we
should lead our personal lives.


When is it Being Held? 

This 9-week course will be offered
Wednesday evening on January 11 The Sanctuary at 6 pm. Everyone
will meet to receive materials and information concerning the next 8 weeks of study.
The following 8-weeks, participants will be assigned to one-of-four classrooms;
Sunday mornings at 9-10 am beginning on January 15 in Classroom S-1; and
Tuesday mornings at 10-11 am beginning on January 17 in Classroom S-3 (or4).


What Resource will be Available?
A notebook with study materials may be purchased for $5.00.
It is suggested that each student or couple should have one.

What Comes after It?
After the completion of this study, the GROW ministry team will be offering
additional New Testament studies that go into more depth.



Hope to see you in one of our classes!




~ ~ ~