First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill
Saturday, February 25, 2017

Church Picture Directory

LifeTouch is here to create a new picture directory
for First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill!
Everyone is invited to schedule an online appointment and be included in this FREE picture directory.
Church membership is not a requirement.
To log on and get an appointment for a portrait sitting in November, December or January 
Need help?
Call Lorenda in the church office at 352-683-2600 x0.
This is an ideal time to order any extra pictures or photo cards for Christmas, if you desire. 
There will be additional dates of photography in January as well. 
Having this opportunity to update the photos of all our families that
attend church in a photo directory book is ideal for all sorts of uses by the
church family and as an app for mobile phone users to carry as well.
Remember, membership is not a requirement.

You will receive a Free Directory and a Free 8 x10 for your time.
~ ~ ~