First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill
Saturday, June 24, 2017

Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development


The Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development is composed of professing members of the local church. The charge of this committee is to identify, develop, deploy, evaluate, and monitor Christian spiritual leadership for the local congregation. Members of the committee shall engage in and be attentive to developing and enhancing their own Christian spiritual life in light of the mission of the Church. (The Book of Discipline ¶ 258)

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The Committee on Lay Leadership will be meeting in August, September and October to consider candidates for leadership in Missions and Committees for the year 2018. 

If you have a God given talent or spiritual gift that you can use to glorify the Lord in the work of our church, we would like you to fill out a Guidelines for Leadership Form available at the Welcome Center in the Lobby of The Sanctuary or in the Church Office.
The form will be used in the Lay Leadership Data Bank being established this year in order for the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development to know that you are interested in becoming an active participant in our churches leadership.
Many of our congregation filled out a similar form when joining our Church. Knowing that our life circumstances change and availability for service also changes, this is an opportunity to let the committee become aware of those changes.
The form will also be available on the church website: CLICK HERE
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If you would like to know how God wants you to serve Him, you can access a Spiritual Gifts Assessment by going to The United Methodist Church web site. CLICK HERE
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The leadership of the laity has a long history in The United Methodist Church. While Methodist pastors rode the circuits, it was the leadership of the lay members of the societies that kept the congregational ministry going.
Beginning Steps
A good beginning step, if you feel you may be experiencing a call to serve, is to complete a spiritual gifts inventory. Study and reflect upon how your gifts, talents, and strengths, may be used in ministry, and/or in your daily life, community, and church. Take some time to consider your passion. What inspires you? What areas of mission or ministry excite you? What issues in the church or community bring you the deepest concern? When you use your spiritual gifts in conjunction with an area of ministry that you are passionate about wonderful things can and do happen.
Another step is critically important as you explore and prepare yourself for any form of ministry. Remain steadfast in the basic Christian practices or spiritual disciplines which John Wesley called means of grace. These means of grace include prayer, Bible study, the sacrament of Holy Communion, worship, fasting, and Christian conferencing. You may join or form a small group that will help you grow spiritually and stay faithful in your spiritual practices.
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Chairperson: Pastor Greg Freeze
Vice Chair: Lay Leader (To Be Named)
Class of 2017
     Gail McManaway
     Gloria Reynolds
Class of 2018
     Sherry Whitford
     Ellen Jones
     Elsie Bryan
Class of 2019
     Jim Dunn
     Tina Walker
     Perry Parker
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