First United Methodist Church of Spring Hill
Monday, June 26, 2017

UMM Executive Committee & Officers

United Methodist Men's Fellowship
Executive Committee - Officers - Committee Chairpersons - Ex-Officio Members
(July 2016)
The UMM Executive Committee is composed of all the elected officers and the chairmen of all committees. The Pastor and Lay Leader are ex-officio members. This committee sets goals for the Fellowship and evaluated progress toward planned objectives and goals. It considers future plans and projects and submits recommendations to the Fellowship for approval. It transact interim business. However, such interim business must be presented to the Fellowship at the next regularly scheduled meeting.
The UMM Executive Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month. Special meetings may be called as deemed necessary by the president, or in his absence, by the vice president.
~ ~ ~
Officers & Executive Committee
President - Dick Christensen
Vice President - Bill Gamlin
Secretary - Rob Mueller
Treasurer - Bob Walker
Chaplain - Bob Kalee
Publicity - Bill Gamlin
Immediate Past President - Bill Twomey
Past President - Ken Martin
~ ~ ~
Committee Chairmen
Membership - Bob Borchers
Programs - Bill Gamlin
Hospitality - Executive Committee
Friday Work Crew - Ed Swierenga
Chaplain - Bob Kalee
Publicity - Bill Gamlin
Men's Flea Market - Bill Gamlin & John Wolfe
Nominating Committee - Officers
~ ~ ~
Byron Carter
Earl Marlman
Jack Varney
Eli Duncan
Gordy Chapin
~ ~ ~
Ex-Offico Members
Rev. Greg Freeze - Senior Pastor
Cherie Gamble - Lay Leader
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